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FridgeFreeze Inc., located in San Diego, California, designs, manufactures and sells the most efficient, portable vaccine refrigerators and freezers available. Many agencies around the globe have been using FridgeFreeze medical vaccine units for years. These Agencies include county health departments, diabetes clinics, medical laboratories, various universities, centers for infectious diseases, immunization clinics, and other governmental agencies including the U.S. Army & Air Force.


FridgeFreeze technology is used worldwide

We have engineered our FridgeFreeze vaccine refrigerators and freezers for the ideal storage & transport of critical medical supplies, vaccines, blood and more. Our products are also used for camping and off-road activities. FridgeFreeze are CFC-Free, and utilize “Green Technology” by incorporating the ability for our fridges to be powered by a vehicle’s 12-volt DC power outlet or by 110/240-volt AC wall outlets. We also manufacture a Solar and a UPS Battery Back-Up System to ensure safe-keeping and handling of your vaccines for up to 4 days in the most remote of locations. This has been proven invaluable for many health departments that require a back-up power source in the event of a power outage.

Whatever your refrigeration needs may be, FridgeFreeze makes a solution for it. We welcome you to browse through our line of portable refrigerators & freezers, and if you have any questions or comments please contact us. We love to hear from our customers.


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Some applications of our portable refrigeration solutions include:

Portable Vaccine Refrigerators

Portable Vaccine Freezers

Blood Refrigerators

Blood Freezers

Marine Refrigerators

Marine Freezers