About Our Product Line

vaccine syringe

The FridgeFreeze medical freezers is ideal for safely transporting and storing medical supplies, vaccines, blood and other critical items that require a consistent temperature. Some Key features of our product line include:

  • Green Technology: CFC-free, energy efficient and environmentally friendly!
  • Can be used everywhere: From established medical clinics to remote locales.
  • Power options: 12/24-volt DC or 110/240-volt AC, solar power, battery and UPS battery backup.
  • Digital thermostat with alarm: Precise temperature control from -20°C to ambient temperature.
  • Temperatures: Standard (1C° to 8C° or 33°F to 46°F; Cold (-11°C to 4°C or 11°F to 38°F); Freezer (-22°C to -8°C or -7°F to 18°F)