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Battery Cart

The description for the battery cart is coming soon.

Remote Monitor

A description of our remote monitor is coming soon.

Heating Unit

A description of our heating unit is coming soon!


diamondplate and smooth

Some of our portable medical refrigerators/freezers can have one of two optional finishes: smooth and diamond plate. Unless otherwise stated, diamond plate finish is standard with the majority of our product line. Smooth finish is a specially ordered feature.

The photo shows both finishes. One the left, diamond plate. On the right side is smooth.

Medical fridges and freezers made of ABS plastic do not come with either of these finishes.

Dual Compressors

A description of our dual compressors is coming soon!

The FridgeFreeze User’s Manual


Every one of our portable fridges comes with a printed User’s Manual that provides instructions for all of our medical refrigerators & freezers.

Should you lose or misplace your manual, you can also download a new one here.



Precise Temperature Control

The digital thermostat in our portable medical refrigerators & freezers gives you complete control over your cold chain. Our units can reach as low as -20 ° C and as warm as the outside ambient temperature and our digital thermostat plays a key role in the reliability & ease-of-use of our medical refrigeration solutions.

All thermostats in our various fridge/freezer models feature an alarm to let you know if you are outside of acceptable temperature ranges. Picture shown is from an 11-Liter vaccine freezer. Your thermostat may vary depending on model.

Internal Fan


Our internal fan is specially engineered in-house.  It prevents thermal layering and thus plays an important role in a FridgeFreeze portable medical refrigerator/freezer.

Image shown is from an 11-Liter portable medical FridgeFreeze used as a vaccine freezer. Your particular fan may vary according to model.