FridgeFreeze Products Employ Green Technology


Energy saving FridgeFreeze portable medical refrigerator/freezers are designed with Green Technology to ensure maximum renewable energy conservation and sustainable performance. All FridgeFreeze medical units are CFC-Free, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly!

The cold chain is a system of refrigeration or freezing used for keeping and distributing vaccines at the correct temperature and in good condition, from the manufacturer to the point of use by the health worker.

The Benefits of Green Technology

Conserving Resources & Preserving the Cold Chain

  • FridgeFreeze saves resources by preserving the cold chain with superior confidence and accuracy over ice packs and our competitor’s products.
  • FridgeFreeze portable medical units eliminate compromised vaccines, ensuring more people are vaccinated and thereby stopping further spread of preventable diseases.

Low Energy Consumption & Comprehensive Power Backup Systems

  • The low energy consumption of FridgeFreeze portable medical units ensures enduring performance anywhere in the world.
  • FridgeFreeze offers environmentally-friendly, clean solar power panels that provide renewable energy and expand the remote locations where our products can be used.
  • FridgeFreeze UPS Battery Back-Up Systems can assist in maintaining the cold chain in cases of power outage, a need to evacuate, transportation from hospital to clinic, or remote areas of the world.

Quiet Operation In Sensitive Environments

  • Virtually silent because of their low energy use, quiet design, and state-of-the-art compressor, FridgeFreeze portable medical units are excellent in hospitals, clinics and other places where minimizing noise pollution is a serious consideration.