100-Liter Portable Medical FridgeFreeze

The 100-Liter unit is our largest medical refrigerator. Like our other portable fridges and freezers, it can operate on 12/24-volt DC and 110/240-volt AC. With the included 12-volt DC power adapter, the 100-Liter FridgeFreeze can even operate when plugged into a vehicle’s 12-volt power outlet. This powerful and highly efficient portable FridgeFreeze unit includes an internal fan to prevent thermal layering and will keep a consistent temperature throughout. It also comes equipped with dual compressors for quick temperature pull-down.

The built-in digital thermostat provides precise temperature control and features a programmable temperature alarm.  The 100-Liter FridgeFreeze comes with two lockable latches and heavy duty handles. Diamond plate finish is standard but smooth finish is also available upon request.

View 100LT Fridge Manual
View 100LT Freezer Manual

100 liters
Inside Dimensions
19" x 13" x 26"
48cm x 33cm x 66cm
Outside Dimensions
35" x 21" x 34"
88cm x 53cm x 86cm
124 lbs
56.25 kg
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