T-20 Portable Medical FridgeFreeze, 20-Liter with Cart

Never use ice boxes, dry ice, or cold packs again! This convenient 20-liter portable medical refrigerator/ freezer with cart is self powered for up to 48 hours as a refrigerator and 18 hours as a freezer (with a full recharge time of 6 hours). We’ve specially designed this unit for use within hospitals and medical facilities.

The 20-liter FridgeFreeze is detachable from it’s cart and operates on 12/24-volt DC and 110/220-volt AC power sources. With the included 12-volt DC power cord, this unit can operate when plugged into a vehicle’s 12-volt power outlet or when connected to a solar panel. Our medical refrigerators and freezers have been used worldwide to maintain vaccines, blood and other biologic materials, at their required temperatures.

All units include an internal fan to prevent thermal layering and will keep a consistent temperature throughout. For precise temperature control, a digital thermostat is standard with built-in temperature alarms. The cart is equipped with 2 baskets for holding important documents and other items and rolls very easily on 4 castors. Rubber guards protect both the front and backsides of the frame against rugged every day use.

Please see our other T-series FridgeFreeze unit, the T-15 .


20 liters
Inside Dimensions
11" x 8" x 14"
27cm x 20cm x 35cm
Outside Dimensions
30" x 21" x 40"
76cm x 53cm x 101cm
125 lbs
56.7 kg

Optional Features & Accessories

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