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The Vaccine Storage Unit Used In NJHOA 2011 Study Was FridgeFreeze

A FridgeFreeze vaccine storage unit was used at the New Jersey Health Officers Association Mass Vaccination Exercises on June 12, 2011. A summary of the exercise is published in the NJHOA Mass Vaccination Exercises Best Practices Report, which was created in collaboration with the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services and Rutgers University’s New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station Office of Continuing Professional Education.

FridgeFreeze Products Employ Green Technology


Energy saving FridgeFreeze portable medical refrigerator/freezers are designed with Green Technology to ensure maximum renewable energy conservation and sustainable performance. All FridgeFreeze medical units are CFC-Free, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly!

The cold chain is a system of refrigeration or freezing used for keeping and distributing vaccines at the correct temperature and in good condition, from the manufacturer to the point of use by the health worker.
Source: www.gavialliance.org/media_centre/glossary/index.php

About Our Product Line

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The FridgeFreeze medical freezers is ideal for safely transporting and storing medical supplies, vaccines, blood and other critical items that require a consistent temperature. Some Key features of our product line include:

Where Power Was Unreliable, FridgeFreeze Units Were Used In Research Study


Published on July 4, 2012, page 3 of “Leski et al.: Leapfrog diagnostics: Demonstration of a broad spectrum pathogen identification platform in a resource-limited setting “, FridgeFreeze medical fridges and freezers are mentioned as being used in a research study in a severely resource-limited tropical setting where power was unreliable and maintaining a cold chain was difficult.

See The Health Research Policy and Systems Document

Oregon Health Authority Features FridgeFreeze

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On October 30, 2011, Oregon Health Authority’s “Oregon VFC Refrigerator and Freezer Guide” featured FridgeFreeze units on page 9 as “additional equipment, add-ons and services that your clinic may want to consider when assessing vaccine storage and monitoring needs”.

Read the Oregon VFC Refrigerator and Freezer Guide

Acceptable Coolers for Vaccine Transport

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In March of 2011, Minnesota Department of Health mentioned FridgeFreeze in its examples of compressor coolers, saying “It is essential to maintain proper storage temperatures while transferring vaccine to another provider/clinic or transporting vaccine to an off-site clinic.” FridgeFreeze refrigerators are specially made for vaccine transportation.

Read the MDH document

Kaiser Permanente and FridgeFreeze Set Guinness Record

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On January 12, 2011, in San Diego, California, FridgeFreeze Inc.’s portable medical fridges helped Kaiser Permanente set a new record with The Guinness Book of World Records. In an 8-hour period over 6,000 patients were vaccinated.