100-Liter UPS Battery Backup System

The FridgeFreeze 100L UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Battery Backup System can keep your medical refrigerator operational with up to 4 days of continuous power. It proves extremely useful in the event of emergencies, 110-volt AC power outage, or when taking your FridgeFreeze unit to remote locations where AC power simply does not exist.

Made for our 100-Liter product, it includes an AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) sealed dry cell battery, charger, and enclosure.

To use, simply plug the 110V connector into a wall socket and the 12V plug into the FridgeFreeze unit. The UPS Battery Backup System will power the FridgeFreeze medical refrigerator/freezer with 110-volt AC until a power outage occurs. Then it will switch voltage automatically and power the FridgeFreeze unit from the UPS System’s on-board battery.

Dimensions    25 in. long • 12.75 in. wide • 12 in. tall
Weight    110 lb. • 49.90 kg.

We also manufacture a standard model UPS Battery Backup System for FridgeFreeze units 60-liter and smaller.

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