Standard UPS Battery Backup System

The FridgeFreeze Standard UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Battery Backup System can keep your medical refrigerator and freezer operational with up to 4 days of continuous power. It proves extremely useful in the event of emergencies, 110-Volt AC power failure, or when taking your FridgeFreeze unit to remote locations where AC power simply does not exist.

This technology also isolates your FridgeFreeze unit from unwanted power spikes and the damaging effects of lightning. We manufacture 2 models of UPS Backup Systems. This model is suitable for portable medical refrigerator/freezers that are 60-liter and smaller.

The UPS system includes an AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) sealed dry cell battery, charger, and enclosure. The battery has no hydrogen emissions typical of normal wet deep-cycle batteries.

To use, simply plug the 110V connector into a wall socket and the 12V plug into the FridgeFreeze unit. The UPS System will power the refrigerator/freezer with 110-volt AC until a power outage occurs. Then it will switch voltage automatically and power the FridgeFreeze unit from the UPS System’s on-board battery.

Dimensions 14 ½ in. long • 8 in. wide • 9 in. tall
Weight 60 lb. • 27.3 kg.

We also manufacture a 100-Liter model UPS Battery Backup System for our large 100-liter FridgeFreeze units.


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